Unique - Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Unique and Cool Ceramic Coffee Mugs!

These unique ceramic coffee mugs make great gifts for yourself or a loved one. Enjoy your hot coffee in these cool coffee mugs. Collect all 10 coffee mugs or give them as gifts. Each mug holds up to 20 oz. of your favorite beverage. Warning! This cool coffee mugs may cause unintended smiles and spontaneous joy. With unique, organic shapes, vivid colors and funky, effervescent décor, the new mugs turn routine cups of Joe into true beverage experiences. Created by cutting edge design experts, Miam Miam™, the new style mugs are elegant and whimsical, often combining geometric shapes to create a neo surrealist sense of motion and flow. More ergonomic than traditional mugs, they encourage drinkers to literally soak up the warmth (or the cool) of the beverage inside. With numerous styles to choose from, the mugs make the perfect gift for coffee connoisseurs, tea aficionados, beatniks, artistes and other cultural revolutionaries, and are certain to become everyone’s favorite, “where’s my mug!?” mug. Each cool coffee mug comes in it's own unique coffee mug gift box. (shown above)