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ISI Thermo XPress Whipped Cream Dispenser (1 quart stainless steel)

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A professional chef’s kitchen is also an art studio, and the true artist works with only the finest tools available. The right tools let the artist create without thinking about whether that specific tool is up to the task; it’s simply taken for granted that it is.

That’s why the world’s most successful chefs, the most highly regarded restaurants, America’s most revered culinary school, and even the nation’s most renowned gourmet coffee chains all use iSi kitchen tools . . . both “behind the scenes” and before the public. These experts and institutions demand the best . . . and know that only iSi can be counted on to stand up under the rigorous pressures of the professional kitchen environment year after year. And they also know that everything iSi makes for the professional does the job exactly as it is designed to do.

2480 One-Quart Polished Stainless. Uses standard 8 gram screw-valve chargers. Please note that whipped cream chargers are sold separately.

Special Features:
• Will keep its contents cold, without refrigeration, for up to 8 hours at room temperature.
• Will keep its contents warm, without reheating, for up to 3 hours independent of a bain marie or warming appliance.
• Countertop model can be used to free up scarce refrigerator space.
• Can save steps by eliminating trips to the refrigerator.
• Portable, so it’s perfect for use in places where no refrigeration or reheating source is available. It can actually increase menu flexibility for serving away from the food preparation area.
• No matter how warm or cold the contents, double-wall construction keeps the bottle comfortable to the touch.
• Improves product yield by reducing the need to shake the bottle each time the Thermo Whip is removed from the refrigerator.
• Improves consistency of contents by maintaining an ideal serving temperature for each serving.
• Handsome style fits into any décor . . . and speaks volumes about good taste.
• NSF certified.
• HACCP compliant.
• Industrial dishwasher safe.
• Two-year express warranty, with a five-year express warranty on the insulating performance of the bottle.


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