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Party Games

Bobbing for Apples

Put a bunch of apples in a large tub. Completely cover the apples with a whole lot of whipped cream. Each player tries to get one of the apples by using only his/her mouth, ending up with lots of whipped cream in lots of yummy places in the process. Get your camera ready!

Pie-Eating contest

Bake or buy a bunch of pies, and cover each one with fresh whipped cream. (Or, just get a bunch of empty pie crusts and fill them up completely with whipped cream.)

All of the players sit at a table, with one pie in front of each player. On the count of three, the players start eating their pies. The players may not use their hands. The first player to completely finish his/her pie wins. You pick the prize!

Whipped Cream Bungee

You will need a good 20 feet of bungee cord (or proportional to room size), whipped cream, and willing participants. Attach the rope onto a wall facing a bar or table. Make the gap between the bar and the wall about 20-30 feet. But make sure that the bungee rope is only 20 feet long, but when stretched, reaches 30 feet or thereabouts.

Then place a bowl of whipped cream onto the bar, tie someone to the other end of the rope and watch as they try to stretch their way to the whipped cream. Try and make it so that some of them can reach it, they will grab it and the bungee rope will then drag them back to the wall with the whipped cream all over them.

The Race

Each player starts with a full bowl of whipped cream. All players start eating the whipped cream at the same time. To signal that you have finished, you hold the bowl upside-down over your head; if anyone does so, the other players must do the same whether or not they have finished eating.

The winner is the first person to invert their bowl above their head, regardless of whether they actually ate the contents.

Creamy BaseballCreamy Baseball

You need two teams, a baseball diamond, some bowls, and A LOT of whipped cream. Place a full bowl of whipped cream at each base. The game is played with either a softball or baseball, with players following the usual rules of the game EXCEPT that each time a runner reaches a base, s/he must consume the contents of the bowl of whipped cream waiting there. The runner may not proceed until the bowl is empty.

For example, a double would require the batter hit a fairly long ball, run to first base and eat the whipped cream waiting there before proceeding to second base and eating the whipped cream there. Home runs are rare. It is normal for the batting team to make sure that all bowls are kept full, as runners can't advance without eating.

Candy Hunt

Put one plate on the ground in front of each player. Then put five pieces if candy on each plate and put whipped cream on top of the candy.

The players get down on their hands and knees, putting their arms behind their backs. On the count of three, the players put their faces in the whipped cream and eat as many candies as they can. Whoever eats all of their candies first is the winner. Again, you pick the prize, naughty or nice!

*All of these games are presented for informational purposes only. We gleaned these off the internet and they have not been tested or endorsed by our staff. Use of these games is at the users sole risk & responsibility. Have Fun & Play Safe, no matter what you do.