Soda Siphons and co2 Cartridges

Make your own carbonated and flavored beverages!

The cool way of making sodas with co2 cartridges and soda siphons is back in style. This mesh soda siphon withstands the pressure better and is much more durable than its ancestors. You can serve hand-made drinks at anytime by simply adding water and charging it with a co2 cartridge in your soda siphon. Add your favorite Monin flavored syrup for a tasty, refreshing beverage.

How to make soda water using soda siphons and co2 cartridges

1. Fill soda siphon 2/3 full with tap or spring water
2. insert a co2 cartridge into the co2 cartridge holder
3. screw co2 cartridge holder onto the soda siphon and shake
4. press handle on soda siphon to release your carbonated water
5. add a dash of Monin syrup to make your own flavored sodas
How to make mojitos click here using your soda siphon and co2 cartridges.